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“Just a Hunch” Isn’t a Good Enough Reason for an Arrest

Police officers are trained professionals, and many of them have developed sharp instincts for observing criminal behavior; that is, they have a hunch when something isn’t right. But a hunch is still an insufficient reason for an arrest, as an Ohio court recently ruled. A nervous woman arouses police suspicion Ranger Lukas Hammermeister was on […]

Manslaughter – a Less Culpable Homicide

In Geauga County, Ohio, Rita Greifenstein, a 66-year-old woman, shot and killed her 68-year-old husband in their kitchen. Mrs. Greifenstein claimed that she shot her husband in self-defense. The police stated that the two had been arguing for hours before the gunshot. The prosecutor decided to charge her with voluntary manslaughter after determining that her […]

Not-So-Funny Money: Counterfeit Bills

With great fanfare, the U.S. Treasury just introduced a brand-new design of the $100 bill. Containing the latest in 3-D graphics and color-changing technology, it’s meant to deter counterfeiters. The current bills aren’t that easy to counterfeit, but the government has to keep a step ahead of newer technologies that allow for more precise photocopying. […]

Don’t Bet Against the House: The Felony of Cheating a Casino in Ohio

Hollywood Casino Columbus recently celebrated its first birthday. That establishment and Ohio’s three other casinos in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo, have succeeded in keeping gambling money within the state rather than seeing it escape to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Some visitors to the casinos aren’t satisfied with an evening of entertainment. They want to […]