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Blowback from Mandatory Domestic Violence Arrests

Attempting to change deeply rooted social attitudes and behaviors through the legal system is never simple. There was a time when victims of domestic abuse, usually women, were blamed for causing the violence. Police often sided with the perpetrator. Advocates for domestic violence victims worked diligently to change the way these cases are handled. Currently, […]

Number One Probation Pitfall

Getting probation means you get to stay out of jail — as long as you follow the terms of your probation. Usually this entails meeting regularly with a probation officer (PO), completing a substance abuse program and performing community service. Oh, and then there is the issue of passing random drug screening tests. People on […]

DUI Charges: Something for Everyone

There is a widespread fascination among your fellow citizens about celebrity DUIs. Sure, we love to know about everything else they somehow manage to get arrested for — shoplifting, assaults on paparazzi, soliciting prostitutes, and of course, the ever-popular drug bust. But there must be something about seeing these larger-than-life figures reduced to the same […]

Fourth (Amendment) of July “Check” List

Flag.  Check. Burgers.  Check. Fireworks.  Check. Cooler.  Check. Beer.  Check. Car.  Check. Police DUI Checkpoint.  Checkmate. The Fourth of July is a tradition.  We all get together to celebrate our nation.  Its heritage.  Its history.  Its Independence.  And, ironically, its freedom. But freedom has its limits.  Long ago, the US Supreme Court held that sobriety […]