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Know your rights: What to do when you’re arrested

Criminal defense attorneys outline the do’s and don’ts Being arrested is fortunately something many people aren’t familiar with. [Dealing with police] can be a nerve-wracking, or even scary time for those facing an arrest. Knowing what to do in this situation is crucial to remaining calm and collected throughout the process and ensuring you come […]

How to deal with police

If you’re stopped, make your first call a criminal defense attorney Whether you think you’ve committed a crime or not, being approached by a police officer is nerve-wracking. What are your rights? What should you say or not say? Don’t accidentally incriminate yourself—learn your rights from a criminal defense attorney so you can be prepared […]

Ohio students push for rigid anti-cyberbullying legislature

Could your child be a bully under your own roof? Bullying has gone beyond bruises and scrapes to online bashing and threats. Where once parents and authority figures could see the physical signs of bullying, now many are left completely unaware the trauma their students are experiencing online. While Ohio’s anti-bullying laws already include cyberbullying, […]

“Just a Hunch” Isn’t a Good Enough Reason for an Arrest

Police officers are trained professionals, and many of them have developed sharp instincts for observing criminal behavior; that is, they have a hunch when something isn’t right. But a hunch is still an insufficient reason for an arrest, as an Ohio court recently ruled. A nervous woman arouses police suspicion Ranger Lukas Hammermeister was on […]